Thistlethwaite Americana | A Pair of Paintings Depicting the Chigang Pagoda and Wampoa Reach
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A Pair of Paintings Depicting the Chigang Pagoda and Wampoa Reach

China Trade
By the artist Namcheong
19th century
oil on canvas
26.5″ x 31.5″
26″ x 31″


A pair of paintings that depict scenes well-known from the China Trade by the artist Namcheong, also spelled Nam Cheong.. The Chigang Pagoda, built in 1619 in Guangzhou was a very recognizable site for sailors. The second highly detailed painting is of a gate, likely at the harbor of Wampoa Reach.

Namcheong was frequently commissioned to create ship and port scenes by Western clients including Thomas Hunt of Salem, Mass. Many of his canvases share the same format and compositional interplay of light on water; the 9-tiered pagoda at Whampoa Reach was frequently illustrated in his paintings. (Ref. Carl L. Crossman, “The China Trade,” Princeton: The Pyne Press, 1972, p. 67-71).