Thistlethwaite Americana | Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of the District of Columbia
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Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of the District of Columbia

A Complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas

Engraved by Fielding Lucas Jr.

Published Henry Charles Carey and Issac Lea

Engraved map with original hand coloring

Circa 1823


One of the earliest obtainable maps of the District of Columbia to appear in a commercial atlas


Includes the original ten-mile plan of Washington DC, including Georgetown and Alexandria. Carey & Lea’s Atlas is highly prized not only for its cartographic information but the marvelous information about each of the states and territories included. The atlas was issued in 6 editions in English, French & German between 1822 and 1827. This example is an early edition as the positioning of the map is slightly crooked.


The map paints a wonderful picture of the district in the 1820s with a full description of the population including free people of color and slaves. It goes into great detail about the building of the city, the different cities, the function of the government, and a historical sketch of the area. The most mind-blowing feature is the value of the District, which in 1820 was $1,632856.61. Today that would be $42,124,351.09… seem like a good deal.