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We pride ourselves on presenting distinctive fine and decorative arts from the 18th through the 20th century highlighting great American design.
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Hobo Fishing Camp

Hobo Fishing Camp

By Lou Plitt



Oil on Canvas

34 1/4″ H x 39 1/4″ W


Can you imagine a hot summer day at a fishing camp in Wisconsin? This was a reality for the men who stayed at the Hobo Fishing Camp. Located on Hobo Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin, the camp was the perfect retreat for the men of the area. Little details in the painting, reflect that of the time. From the white painting bases of the trees to the pots on top of the leftover tree trunk, this painting is full of fun details to unpack. The bright color and classic American imagery, make this folk art painting a great addition to any room of the home.


More research to follow.


WHY WE LOVE IT: Everywhere you look, there is something new to discover. You could stare at the painting for hours and still find details you did not know existed.