Thistlethwaite Americana | Over Mantel Panel with Whaling Scene
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Whaling Overmantel 1
Whaling overmantel 2Whaling Overmantel 3Whaling overmantel 4

Over Mantel Panel with Whaling Scene

New England, probably Massachusetts
19th century
White pine,  gold giltwood frame
25.5” x 34.5”


Provenance: Purchased from an estate sale by George Arnold of Delray Beach, Florida; Leigh Keno.


This over mantel painting is a rare folk art survivor depicting a group of American whalers taking a sperm whale off the coast of a mountain landscape. This is a rare subject for over mantel paintings and possibly hung in the home of a whaling captain.


Condition: Surface survives in untouched condition with areas of expected wear. Splice of wood added where two boards separated, in-painted at join.