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Coat of Arms

Irish or British
early 18th century
gouache and gilding on vellum
26 x 41 in.
parcel gilt and painted wood frame, 35-3/8 x 50-1/2 in.

Central coat of arms for “The Atchievement [sic] of the Right Honourable/William Lord Fitzwilliam of Liffer in the Kingdom of Ireland”, flanked by the coat of arms and quarterings of ..” William Fitz-William of Lincoln Esq.” and “William Fitz-William of/Clixby in the County of Lincoln Esq.”,

Provenance: Mallet, London, New York, 2014

Why we love it: The original use for this painting was to announce a family’s lineage.  A document of this size indicates the importance of the Fitz-William family.