Thistlethwaite Americana | Polychrome Charger by Jan van der Laen
We pride ourselves on presenting distinctive fine and decorative arts from the 18th through the 20th century highlighting great American design.
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Americana Batch #1-71
Americana Batch #1-72

Polychrome Charger by Jan van der Laen

Tin-glazed earthenware

Delft, Holland 


12” D


Delft can be some of the most decorative ceramics.  This particular example, with a green-blue, rich blue, and orange, creates an impactful design.  The back reads “Jan van der Laen c. 1690 sig. Razzoli p. 187 pl. 45, Les Faience de delft”


WHY WE LOVE IT: I love early Delft and this particular piece has beautiful colors.