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Sulky and horse by McAulliffe

Harry Lathrop Driven by Dan Mace

By John McAuliffe (1830-1900)


Circa 1860

Oil on Canvas

31 1/2 ” H x 41 1/2″ W


This painting depicts the horse, Henry, running a 2.20 1/4. He was by Harry Lathrop, son of Blood’s Black Hawk and driven by Dan Mace.


Dan Mace (1833-185) was one of the most celebrated drives of the mid-19th century. Known as the ‘wizard of the reins’ he was always a favorite at the track. he was the famous driver of Ethan Allen and set many records throughout the 19th century.


Artist bio:

John McAulliffe was a well known painter of horses.  He was born in Ireland.  He came to this country in 1847, and had always resided in this city.  He was originally a house painter, but, as he had a natural gift for drawing and painting horses, he soon took to that as a business.  He painted extensively for the later Robert Bonner, Commodore Dickinson, Col. Kipp, Sheppard Knapp, Gabe Case, and Mesrs. Wakeman, Hammond, and others.


WHY WE LOVE IT: There is so much action in this painting. From the horse’s stride to the look of panic on the driver’s face at the sheer speed of the horse.